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R6 Industries is devoted to developing technologies to improve communication during disaster situations, when stresses run high and time is of the essence.

Our first product, DisasterMed, is a standardized communication platform that easily and quickly identifies and tracks symptoms, medications, and resources in disaster situations. It allows shelters share and monitor information - this can help contain disease outbreaks and manage chronic medical conditions. DisasterMed can work even without phone towers!


“[DisasterMed] is not only feasible and user-friendly, but it combines analytics that allow not only for specific patient care, but for the monitoring of larger scale health concerns…A revolutionary turning point in shelter health management.”
– Dr. Frances Purcell, State Training Director and Southeast Unit Commander, MAG Medical Reserve Corps

How DisasterMed Works

DisasterMed uses a 3-pronged approach that tackles evacuee healthcare before, during, and after disasters.

Preparedness 1

Using an electronic pre-registry database that is implemented in high-need medical facilities, DisasterMed collects key information such as demographics and medical history. This not only allows us to anticipate the needs of evacuees when they walk into a shelter, but also allows for quick patient identification.

Response 2

Once implemented in shelters, DisasterMed identifies individual medical needs of evacuees such as missing medications or potentially infectious symptoms. This data, collected in real-time and by location, is then organized into customized dashboards and shared with relief organizations. This allows for efficient, informed decision making regarding logistics and resource distribution.

Analytics 3

Post-disaster predictive analytics, using the data gathered, to allow organizations to improve and learn for the next disaster. Schedule a demo to learn more about us, such our task mangement features!

The Team

Kyle Dymanus

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle is a biomedical engineer from Georgia Tech who is currently in medical school. She hopes to leverage her work and medical experience to solve healthcare problems and push for change using sustainable technology solutions.

Safia Siddiqui

Chief Operations Officer

Safia is a biomedical engineer from Georgia Tech who is currently wrapping up medical school her final year of medical school. She is deeply interested in the application of engineering principles to large-scale healthcare projects and will be starting a residency in Family Medicine in July 2019.

Nathan Dillard

Chief R&D Officer

Nathan graduated from UCLA with a degree in biomedical research, and is currently in medical school at the Medical College of Georgia. Nathan is passionate about innovation and quality in healthcare.

Aaron White

VP of Technology

Aaron has more than ten years of web development experience. From front-end to back-end and currently learning DevOps, Aaron has a great understanding of how the web works. Starting out at the young age of 13, He has experience in more than 20 different programming languages, and is always trying something new.


Southeast Startup Challenge Winner

Thank you to the Clubhou.se, Augusta University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for this wonderful opportunity! Read more about where it all started

YCombinator Startup School

R6 industries has graduated from the 2018 cohort! View our graduation page.

ATDC Educate Program

We love being part of the Advanced Technology Development Center in Atlanta, GA. Great resources and people!

  • Graduated from the Startup Academy and won final pitch competition!
  • Winner of Best Poster Presentation at Georgia Bio
  • Pitched at 1 Million Cups

National Preparedness Summit 2019

in St. Louis, MO from March 27-29, 2019, We will be conducting a 90-minute demonstration of DisasterMed, complete with a hurricane simulation! Stay tuned to hear how it goes.

Future Founders, The Residency 2019

R6 Industries is honored to be part of this group of millennial entrepreneurs from across the nation! Click here to learn more about the program.

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